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    End Ocean Plastic!


      What do you want?

      We want Study Aid, and similar Undeb ran things to stop using plastic. They use non-recyclable polystyrene cups and little plastic spoons, and dont even have a recycle bin next to the tea/coffee station, so its likely only a very small percentage of the recyclable spoons are actually being recycled. The university is so knowledgeable about the environmental impact of plastic, in particular on our oceans which are vital to the entire world's health, so I shouldnt need to emphasise the disastrous effects plastic has. 

      A simple and easy solution is to use metal spoons (they are dirt cheap from asda or cosco), that are washed after each use. While a student is grabbing a coffee, one of these reps could have a bowl of hot soapy water and a dish cloth to wash and dry the spoons as they are used. 

      In addition, instead of polystyrene cups, you could use reusable travel mugs or normal mugs. To ensure they come back you could either charge a couple of quid, which is returned when the mug is returned, or if a student keeps it then that money goes towards more. Or perhaps in exchange for the mug the student leaves their student card (since most people are sat in the library with the coffee anyway) which they get back upon returning the mug. 

      the point is that there are many ways in which you could change this unnecessary use of plastic, since it took me 5 minutes to write this and think of those two ideas, im sure you guys can brainstorm something better.

      Why do you want it?

      We want it because it is unnecessary, and wasteful, and damaging to the planet, which affects us all. There are whole islands in the Carribean made entirely of our floating plastic. Uninhabited areas of the arctic are covered with plastic. It isnt ok. Bangor university is a leading marine and oceanic university, and it should lead the way in little things like this.

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    Sarah Saunderson
    10:37am on 24 Ion 18 Totally support this and feel that more drinking water points across the campus would prevent the sale and purchase of disposable plastic water bottles every day. Over at main arts there is only one water dispenser in the library, none in the old building, only option in the cafe is to buy a bottle of water.