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    Make seminars part of modules for PG students


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      Several students have expressed their disappointment for the way subjects are taught in Master degrees at the university. Most modules comprise solely of lectures where professors provide a monologue of ideas and theories and students take notes and occasionally ask questions. Students would like to be given the opportunity to put their knowledge of topics into practical contexts in order to further their understanding of the matter being learned. By making seminars a mandatory aspect of modules, students can engage with others in the debate of new ideas and theories and learn how to cohesively present their ideas, ultimately leading to a better learning experience.

      Why do you want it?

      Seminars allow students to broaden their understanding of a subject, by widely discussing topics, where new ideas and topics evolve through discussion. In using seminar, a premium is placed on a student’s discovery and presentation of facts; where students are given a sense of responsibility and a degree of interest that is not present when they are merely being lectured at.

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