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    Free bus passes for students and more freebies - Going to UBC on 19/10/17 | Tocynnau bws am ddim i fyfyrwyr a mwy o drugareddau am ddim


      What do you want?

      We want free bus passes so we can travel and like when I used to study at college or school I used to get free bus passess. That was included with tutition fees. Also, freebies is something that will make bangor students happy like most of the students don't really get that much money as they have to pay for halls and living costs. 

      Why do you want it?

      I believe that if the bangor university offers students free bus passess then it will be the only one with that offer and the students will be able to expelore more places in bangor. Most of the students are from around the world. They will be able to know the bangor city very well and the areas. Some bangor university student, they live so far from that they have to take trains and pay for extra fares and I believe they should be getting more discounts and the passes so they will travel free. 

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    Rezowana Mannan
    11:51pm on 11 Hyd 17 I strongly support this idea as most often we have to face adverse weather condition during our class time & it becomes difficult to reach to our destination on time. It's also tough to climb onto such sharp slops to reach to Main Arts Building from the St. Mary's Village for example. Many university run the free buses for the university students. It should be available here.
    Azhar Khalil
    11:47am on 13 Hyd 17 I am really glad that people are supporting my idea for change. I am not doing this just for few but for everyone. Keep supporting guys!
    Anastasija Martjanova
    11:20am on 8 Tach 17 I believe that this idea is one of the most important.We study across the bridge,in Ocean science.And living hour walking,or 20minutes bus drive its very taught.Especially,during cold rainy windy day=almost every day here,its challenge, and I would prefer spend this struggling time at library or at one of club&society.
    Rafid Alam
    9:43pm on 14 Tach 17 If the university / union is financially struggling, a heavily discounted pass should be available. This would allow students to travel around the campus and use it during the weekend to explore. This is one of the most relevant and applicable ideas!
    Molly Foster-Mannion
    7:18pm on 15 Tach 17 It might be worth getting the university to work with "mytravelpass" and extending the pass to cover university students as well. At the moment it gives 16-19 year olds 30% off all travel.