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    Prayer rooms in Pontio


      What do you want?

      A prayer or quite room near or with a bathroom in the Pontio building to enable students to have an area for religious practices between or during classes.

      Why do you want it?

      The quite room in Rathbone is a bit far away from where most classes are held. Classes and prayer times frequently overlap, having a prayer room in Pontio will benefit students who don't have enough time to make it to the Rathbone building.

      Beth ydych ei eisiau?

      Pam rydych ei eisiau?

    Lama Abbas
    1:43pm on 25 Chw 19 A blessed idea. It is really needed and many students will benefit from it. Hope it works!
    Hilyatushalihah Kholis Audah
    8:49am on 26 Chw 19 Thank you, please help share to other students who may benefit from it.
    Khadija Daura
    11:10am on 8 Maw 19 Thus is a really great idea. I did not know about the the room in rathbone. I usually go back to my room to pray but now it will be easier to have a room in pontio.