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    Optional Volunteer Teacher Training Course for PhD Students


      What do you want?

      To provide PhD students with the opportunity to take up voluntary teaching in their respective departments within the module-based framework of the schools. This would be separate from the PGCertTHE, in that it would not necessitate specific requirements in terms of duration and/or frequency of student contact. Instead, it would offer a form of recognition to students who are eager to gain teaching experience during their PhD, but are unable to do so due to the multiple constraints placed on the options available.

      This would specifically apply to the schools or units thereof that do not incorporate the GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistantship) system into the PhD experience.

      Why do you want it?

      There is significant disparity across departments with regards to the PhD experience offered. Those of us who seek teaching experience as an inclusive and important element of our degree should be able to access it at least to a certain extent. Currently, some of us are being told that teaching is not available due to funding issues, but also that volunteering cannot be accepted due to University regulations. We have been denied the PGCertTHE programme for this very reason, despite it being available to some other PhD students. This is why rather than simply discussing the problem, we are suggesting this idea as a potential solution - a training module for teaching. This would enable interested students to take on teaching activities and avail recognition from their respective Schools to help develop their skills for their future in academia.

      This would be the first step towards reducing, if not removing the discrepancy in skill development across departments for PhD students. We would request the UBC to take this idea and this matter under serious consideration, since this is about achieving equality in the student experience offered by the University.

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    Tanya Herring
    5:10pm on 4 Tach 18 This is an outstanding concept that I wholeheartedly support. It is a critical item that has been a major concern for a while. At the law school, it is a prominent point.
    Arpita Sailesh Gargesh
    5:37pm on 4 Tach 18 Thank you, I'm glad you agree and am truly grateful for the support.
    Stacey Carless
    11:08am on 5 Tach 18 Last year I was not able to register for the certification because they had oversubscribed before the new PhDs started in October even though it was recommended by Rosanna and John Turner. This year I was not eligible because I had not already organized 100 hours of teaching prior to registering for the certification in September which I was not aware I had to do. I also ran a module, marked work, created online tests and mark schemes, all of which can count towards the course yet I can’t even register for it. This is on top of 200 hours of demonstrating. My other concern is that Ocean Science has a strict policy of not allowing non teaching staff (I.e. PhDs) to do any teaching/marking whatsoever.
    Arpita Sailesh Gargesh
    11:27am on 5 Tach 18 Thank you for expressing your concerns. It seems the entire system has issues. Of course, we do have the option of taking up a formal training module later during our careers, but we shouldn't be denied the opportunity to at least gain experience and more importantly, recognition for it (even if it isn't via the PGCertTHE). Hence this alternative, where those who wish to gain this experience are allowed to do so. Hopefully it will also address the issue of specific schools being against PhD students teaching.
    Stephen Gbeje Jeff-Zanni
    2:37pm on 5 Tach 18 I have a similar experience to Stacey Carless. However, I was able to register last year and I attended almost all the PGCert lectures only to be told by Dr Rosanna this year that I was not eligible because of not being currently engaged in teaching. It would be nice for the University to create the necessary enablement for PhD students to benefit from the program.
    Arpita Sailesh Gargesh
    2:58pm on 5 Tach 18 Thank you. Since the PGCert has many constraints, it would make sense to have a separate programme for us, rather than grouping us together with staff and offering limited seats with no guarantees. Those of us who wish to try their luck with the PGCert are of course welcome to do so, but in the long run, all interested students need to be offered an equally comprehensive form of teaching experience.
    Yusuf Usman
    hanner dydd on 7 Tach 18 I 100% support the idea, I participated in the PGCert but failed mainly due to the 100 hours teaching requirements. I will personally reach out and encouraged other PhD students to support this. Cheers
    Arpita Sailesh Gargesh
    9:22am on 8 Tach 18 Thanks very much. It is unfortunate that many of us are facing this issue, but it is also heartening to see such great support for the idea :)
    Adina Grigorie
    11:13am on 13 Tach 18 You have my support Arpita !
    Arpita Sailesh Gargesh
    12:28pm on 13 Tach 18 Thanks, Adina. It means a lot :)